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Air and Cooling is one of the 3 business lines of the SOGEFI group specialized in the design and manufacture of high-tech components allowing the creation of sub-assemblies or complete modules of air intake system, engine cooling and thermal management system of electric vehicles.

Innovation is at the heart of our company’s activity, whose objective is to offer efficient, sustainable solutions, reducing energy consumption and thus limiting environmental impact.


Several times awarded for the quality of our products, our teams (present in 6 countries on 7 production sites and 4 R&D centers) know how to show creativity and great flexibility to adapt to the demands of our customers.

The Air and Cooling business unit, thanks to its specific technical and production skills, has great opportunities to meet the current and future needs of the market.

On the E-Mobility side, the development of thermal and cooling management systems are key areas to support our customers' transition to new engines.

On the ICE side, the development is mainly focused on the proposal of innovative mechatronic components that guarantee not only a significant reduction in the size of the main products offered, with a consequent reduction in fuel consumption, but also an increase in combustion efficiency.

Among the main notable solutions are the development of cooling plates and cooling modules for thermal management applications. Thermal management is the key to vehicle electrification. Indeed, calorie management is the key to increasing the range of electric vehicles. Our products also aim to reduce the consumption of materials and energy to manufacture a product. On the product side, cooling plates are needed to keep the battery at the right temperature. Cooling modules are required to distribute all coolant flows inside the car.


Sogefi's activities are founded on a culture and heritage of values that are acknowledged and shared by all employees and companies throughout the Group, forming a behaviour blueprint.

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